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You are welcome at the Law Firm of Laguna Woods Criminal Defense Lawyer Harvey L. Decker III. Whether you’ve been arrested or whether you are being investigated, we know that you want to have only the best for your defense. In 1982, Harvey L. Decker III began his private practice. Mr. Decker has experience with the way police and prosecution approach cases. He brings this knowledge to each case while working to defend those individuals who are facing a criminal prosecution.

Call Laguna Woods Criminal Defense Lawyer Harvey L. Decker III  at (949) 365-7085 to schedule your free consultation in our office with a top criminal defense attorney in Orange County. Don’t put your freedom at risk! Attorney Decker has consistently provided successful representation to criminal defendants, including those in high profile cases throughout Orange County. Lawyer Decker is solely devoted to practicing criminal defense!

Laguna Woods Criminal Defense Areas of Practice

Laguna Woods Criminal Defense Attorney Harvey L. Decker is in the business of representing clients involved in a large range of criminal cases, from serious felonies to misdemeanor offenses. The Areas of practice include:

Assault & Battery – We provide representation for these crimes which range from simple assault up to aggravated battery in which a firearm was used. Punishment, which depends on the seriousness of each offense, can include fines, probation, or jail.

Domestic Violence – Our lawyers aggressively defend against charges of domestic violence. California law allows these charges to be brought by partners, current or former spouses, cohabitants, or family members.

Drug Crimes – Contact Laguna Woods Criminal Defense Attorney Harvey L. Decker III at (949) 365-7085 if you have been arrested or if you are facing any prosecution for drug related crimes including manufacturing or growing of illicit drugs, possession with the intent of distribution, or possession.

Driving Offenses & DUI – We will vigorously defend those charged in cases of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or other serious driving offenses, including vehicular manslaughter. We also provide experienced representation during DMV Hearings so you can restore or maintain all of your driving privileges.

Expungements – California law allows certain individuals, when they qualify, to obtain an expungement, or dismissal, of their criminal record. Call Attorney Decker at 542-0500, area code (714), for more information about an expungement of your record.

Parole/Probation Violations – Violations of parole and probation are serious and can result in jail time or a prison sentence. When you or your loved ones have been charged with violating parole or probation, you need Mr. Decker’s experience and knowledge! Contact the Law Offices of  Harvey L. Decker III right away!

Sex Crimes – Because of the stigma attached to these crimes, an allegation of a sex crime is often enough to destroy careers and reputations. Laguna Woods Criminal Defense Lawyer Harvey L. Decker III has successfully represented defendants arrested or charged with sex crimes for over 30 years.

Theft Crimes – Call 542-0500, area code (714), for your no-cost consultation with our knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. These crimes can be either felony or misdemeanor, and depend on the crime’s seriousness. Our clients have included those involved in petty larceny all the way up to the multi-million dollar Ponzi schemes.

Three Strikes – When invoked, California’s Three Strikes Law mandates a 25-years to life prison sentence for criminal defendants. When you or your loved ones are facing prosecution under the Three Strikes Law, you need the proven track record of Attorney Harvey L. Decker III.

Violent Crimes – We provide representation to those charged with a wide range of violent crimes, including assault using a deadly weapon, arson, manslaughter, robbery, kidnapping and murder.

White Collar Crimes – Crimes of the White Collar nature generally are those that involve a theft by deception carried out while no force is used. These include embezzlement, insurance fraud, forgery, extortion, bribery, and healthcare fraud. The Law Offices of Laguna Woods Criminal Defense Attorney Harvey L. Decker has provided aggressive representation to clients charged with white collar crimes since 1982.

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At the Laguna Woods Law Offices of Criminal Defense Attorney Harvey L. Decker, we are solely dedicated to criminal law defense! We know how important it is to present a case with a strong defense in order to ensure that your civil liberties are not violated.

As a criminal defense attorney who is exceptionally talented, Harvey Decker is ready to vigorously fight while obtaining a favorable disposition for your case. Laguna Woods Criminal Defense Attorney Harvey L. Decker III will provide a highly personalized counsel for clients who need confident and skilled representation. Contact the Law Offices of Harvey L. Decker III at 542-0500, area code (714), if you or your loved ones are in serious legal troubles. Please complete Criminal Defense Case Evaluation Form.  We have been advocating for over 30 years for criminal defendants and are available 7 days each week, 24 hours each day!

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