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Welcome to the Law Office of Laguna Niguel Criminal Defense Attorney Harvey L. Decker III. If you have been arrested or are presently under investigation for the commission of a crime, you want the best Criminal Defense attorney on your side!

Contact Laguna Niguel Criminal Defense Attorney Harvey L. Decker III at 949-365-7085 to schedule a free consultation with one of Orange County’s preeminent criminal defense lawyers. When your freedom is at risk, the lawyer you choose to represent you could make the difference between going home and going to prison. Mr. Decker served as an officer for six years in the United States Marine Corps before founding the Law Office of Harvey L. Decker III in 1982.

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Laguna Niguel Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Laguna Niguel Criminal Defense Lawyer Harvey L. Decker III represents clients in a wide range of criminal cases, ranging from misdemeanors to serious felony offenses. Areas of practice include (but are not limited to) the following:  

Assault & Battery

Domestic Violence

Drug Crimes

DUI & Driving Offenses


Parole & Probation Violations

Sex Crimes

Theft Crimes

Three Strikes

Violent Crimes

White Collar Crimes

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At the Laguna Niguel Law Office of Criminal Defense Attorney Harvey L. Decker III, we understand the importance of presenting a strong defense and ensuring that the police and district attorney do not violate your civil liberties. We are dedicated solely to the practice of criminal defense law!

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